Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: The Garden Project

Well, I've made a little progress on our garden! I love it. It makes me really excited to think I may have the ability to grow something that we could eat!

First, Saturday we went downtown to the river market and got lots of fun stuff at Planters. This. place. is. awesome.
Here are a few reasons why it's awesome:
1. It's in the river market
2. It's super old. (80+ years) which means there is history in this place. I love that, the thought that I'm buying stuff for my home in the same place my Grandma and Papa probably bought stuff for theirs.
3. Bulk. You can buy any and every kind of seed in bulk. Just go to the counter and tell'em what you want.
4. Original merchandise. The stuff they sell is unique and fun, not like something you see everyday at Lowe's or the home depot. (Not that those places are bad, we shop there a lot.)
5. Spices. They sell all sorts of fun spices, soup mixes, nuts, and gift baskets. SO FUN!
6. It just feels American. I love America.
7. They sell WIRE fly-swatters.
Oh. Yes.
NOW. You will only understand the significance of this if you're
A) An Opie
B) the offspring of an Opie or
C) married to an A or B.
But folks...this is a pretty big deal. WHY? Because all Opie's fear the wrath of the wire fly-swatter. Not because we're scared of flies, but because we're scared of a good ole'fashion whopping from Granny.
Yup. It's true. When we were little, if anyone dare misbehaved at Granny's house, she went straight for her utility cupboard and warned of the wrath of it's contents within. Her fly-swatter was super ancient, wires poking out left and right. Everybody knew it, too; which was usually enough to scare the H.E.double-hockey sticks out of whomever was misbehavin', if you know what I'm sayin'. :)

Now, I have one of my own. And I'm not afraid of corporal punishment. That's a blog post for another day, I'm not ready to get all political of you folk. Lucky for you. ;) I'll stick to swatting flies for now.

Whew. I'll get down from my planters soapbox now and continue with the purpose of this post. :)

The Garden.

YAY! All ready to go with our bag full of goodies!

Here are a few of the fun things we got.
THE LINE-UP: Jiffy seed pots, to start some of the seeds indoors.

Gladiolas. My mom had several big bags of these guys and let me steal a few. Thanks Mom!

Herbs. Yum. We got parsley, basil, mint, and cilantro. My four favs. We're startin' small. If all goes well, I'll add more next year.

Punkin's! and Guords!

Onions. Heard these guys were easy to grow.


Note: Apparently the hubs doesn't like sunflowers in the yard. He thinks they're to messy looking. That's fair. But when I snip a few of these bad boys to make a lovely arrangement come July/August, I'll remind him that it only cost us a few cents vs $10 bucks at the grocery store. :)

VEGGIES: Jalapenos, cucumber, lettuce, green beans, carrots, and tomatoes. (Big beef, and heirloom)

Cute little plant sticks to help you keep track of which veggies/herbs you planted where.

Here goes nothin'!

I modge-podged the front and back of the seed packets to pieces of cardboard. I hope this will help me keep track of how to take care of each plant. It's kind of confusing.

Cute little garden pail. I got this last year at Old Time Pottery. One of those things, you know you don't need it buuuttt it was only $1.50.

My pretend greenhouse. Jonny's utility spotlight helps keep the seeds warm as well as provide light. Especially since the weather around here has been quite dreary these days.

Little man wants to see!

We're in our jammies today. Someone is havin' a rough day. :( Growin', bein' a big boy, and cuttin' some major molars can take a lot out of ya. :)
I love this verse. It always sets me straight, when I need to be straightened. :)

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galations 6:9




  1. Hey! This is super cute! I saw this up in my reader and the post above it was this: Just thought I would pass it along! Good luck with all the gardening!

  2. Thnks Lorri! I ending up buying some seeds from them. You can't beat that deal! Thanks for passing along the info!