Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Very TEXAS Wedding! (YEEHAWW!)

One of my dear, dear friends- Emily Stamper got married a few weekends ago. It was a beautiful Texas wedding outside of San Antonio. We had so much fun catching up with our amazing friends and celebrating in the joyeous marriage of Emily and Andrew.

I have to embarass Em for a sec. You see, Em and I lived in the same house junior year. She went through this phase where she would literally watch Pride and Predjudice on repeat. FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT! It was so precious though, her eyes lit up everytime she watched it and you could tell she adored the love story. Want to know what's more awesome? Her eye light up EVEN MORE every time she sees her groom. They have a beautiful relationship and love story. I love them both very much! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!

Em with her Mama and the flower girl Finley at the rehearsal.

Good friends at the rehearsal dinner in Boerne.

She was a GORGEOUS bride! Andrew is one LUCKY man!
The Bridal Party in our cowboy boots and all!

The "cool" table. haha! We had so much fun!

Cutting the cake. Andrew, Emily got you GOOD, man!

Ahhh, yes. Reliving precious memories-throwing the frisbee outside Rogers Engineering Building at Baylor.

So on the 4th of July we spent the day in the car. Yea, it was totally awesome, and rainy and gloomy-the complete oppostie of how I feel about being an American. We drove through Edmond, OK and dropped Alli off at her Papa's house, which is BEAUTIFUL btw...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sequoia Natl. Park to San Antonio!

Wednesday morning we woke up to one of the best breakfasts I've ever had in my entire life. We really enjoyed our stay at Monica nad Jack are wonderful people and we wish we could have chatted with them longer! Monica made us a delicious breakfast full of fresh fruit parfaits, zuccini bread, fresh orange juice, and berry berry pancakes. YUM!
I beautiful tablescape. I would love to own my own b&b some day...I love stuff like this!
Outside their beautiful home in Lakewood, CA.

Driving through Sequoia Natl. Park. Had to take a pic of the mountains with Jon's bear club sign in the background. :) SIC EM BEARS!!!!

So we exceeded the speed limit, almost ran out of gas in the mountains, and ran through the national forest just to see the sequoia trees Jonny kept talking about....well, it was totally worth it. Check out how big these guys are, and these aren't even the biggest ones!

God is so creative!!!!
After all the rushing and running through the park (we had a flight to catch at LAX) we discovered our flight to San Antonio (connecting in vegas) was cancelled. :( But, don't worry- we eventually made it to SA the next day. :)
NEXT POST: Pics of Emily and Andrews Wedding!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pismo Beach to Sequoia National Park!

Before we headed east to Sequoia National Park, We drove North to Morro Bay, CA for lunch. Enjoy the pics!

We drove through the campus of Cal Poly- of course we had to get a pic of Jonny in front of the engineering school. :)
In Morro Bay where we ate lunch- there was a fishing boat named Nadine. Love you Granny!
I wanted to go sea fishing really bad-it looked like fun. But, it probably would have made me sea sick ;)

This was one of our favorite meals of the trip. Fish n chips, and local Californian beer. yum.

I loved this dog. His owner had three dogs just like him and you could tell they were so protective of her. This was him waiting her to come back with her food. I love doggies!

In front of the big rock that Morro Bay is famous for.

Five hours later we finally made it to Sequoia National Park. We got there in the evening and only had time for a small hike down to the river. It was beautiful and we enjoyed the tranquility very much. There was a sweet family at the bottom of the river fishing who were kind enough to offer to take our picture.

Entrance to the park.
At the gateway restaurant sitting over the river. It was absolutely beautiful. We ate a steak for my Dad because it was his birthday that day :)

On our way back to the bed and breakfast we caught the sunset. Jonny and I had competions to see who could take the best pictures of things. The above picture I took. He took the picture below. Let us know what you think. :) There both pretty good.
Man, God sure is creative.
NEXT POST: Sequoia National Park to San Antonio, TX!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Calabasas to Pismo Beach

Continuing our trip up the coast- we will now head from Calabasas to Pismo beach. GORGEOUS drive. My favorite part was all the country side (as well as the ocean). I never realized how much produce California harvests!

Enjoy the pics.

PS- Sorry the pictures are was a really overcast day.

Fishermen on the pier at Pismo Beach with all the hotels and homes on the hillside.

Looking North up the bay. We were talking to a Californian and he said that bay up ahead where there is always sunny, yet everything else around it is cloudy-how crazy is that?!

On Pismo Beach

I love this picture. I wrote "Crab" and Jonny wrote "Tree". I think I'm going to print this on a canvas and hang it in our living room.

Crazy birdy...are you hungry?!!!

On the way up the coast we just had to stop at a winery. (It would be a trip to California if we didn't). This little vinyard, Costa de Oro (meaning golden coast in spanish) was quaint and lovely. We really enjoyed talking with the wine taster and met a couple from Toronto.

I made Jonny stop at this beach on our way to PB to watch the surfers....and then.....WE SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!!!! and then.....OUR CAMERA DIED!!! yea it was awesome, I'm not kidding.

NEXT POST: Pismo Beach to Sequoia National Park!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

L.A. to Calabasas!

Sunday we spent the day in L.A with Jonny's family. We had a lovely time catching up and meeting new family as well as lots of Philipino food! At the end of the day we dropped family off at the airport and headed toward Calabasas/Malibu-what a beautiful drive! Enjoy

I loved taking pictures of all the pretty flowers in California. These flowers were in the back of Aunt Ging's yard. So beautiful and vibrant!
Aunt Ging rescues exotic birds. She has rescued around 50 birds and a few of them talk! I don't remember this one's name-but it's previous owner sang opera, guessed it- so does the bird!
Grandmama with her 3 great grand-kids! Leah, Caleb, and Ethan. Leah is the most beautiful little girl you will EVER lay your eyes on!

After the airport drop off we decided to drive through Hollywood. Yuck I did not enjoy it. Too many people and none of them were nice. But, I'm glad I got the chance to things I see on TV all the time, like the kodak theatre!

So, I'm kind of obsessed with this picture. First, it reminds me a lot of my sister, probably because she is beautiful and loves the color purple. Second, I've never seen a flower like this before, and I've never met anyone as awesome as my sister. :)

With the wonderful advice of my friend Lauren, we ate dinner off the ocean at a little hole-in-the-wall called Malibu Seafood. It was DELISH! As you can see. :)

We ended the day by driving through Pepperdine University. Baylor's new president use to be the President at Pepperdine. I can't imagine the transition for him...Malibu to Waco. haha! Can you imagine going to class while looking at the ocean!? (How Kansan do I sound right now?)

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

An L.A. Wedding

We had a wonderful trip to California last week. It all started with the wedding of one of Jonny's cousin's, Dennis, in LA. All the KC Crabtree's flew out for the wedding and we had a blast! Enjoy the pictures!
All the Crabtree's in one place....that's not an easy thing to do! Here we are on the pier at Huntington Beach, outside LA.
Of course the boys thought it would be a brilliant idea to run into the freezing ocean!

The Crabtree girls!

Enjoying lunch at Huntington Beach.

After a morning at the beach, we put on our Sunday best and headed toward Tustin, CA for the first of two ceremonies. Here are some pictures from the Catholic Ceremony.
Aunt Ging and Uncle John with their son, Dennis, the Groom.

I love this picture. Dennis had the biggest smile on his face when he saw Jennifer. What a wonderful couple, we were so happy to share in their special day!

Vivan and Jen's brother at the Catholic ceremony.

We clean up pretty well, if I do say so myself.

The handsome Crabtree men at the wedding.

Brothers. I love pictures like this, Jonny and I couldn't resist snapping this shot. (I'm pretty sure Jonny took it) David with his brother, John.

I simply adore this picture. I think I love it so much because its a great picture of what an amazing Dad Jonny will be some day. He is a great Uncle and you can already tell Caleb LOVES him! This picture is great because moments before it was taken Caleb was starting to fuss, then all the sudden Jonny started to talk to him and this was Caleb's reaction. Priceless.

Jen, the beautiful bride, at the jewish wedding ceremony. It was absolutley gorgeous, overloooking a pond on a golf course in Southern California. Caleb loves his pepaw! They have their own language that only the two of them can understand. It is adorable!

Sister Stephy and me. God blessed me with an amazing sister-in-law, we have a lot of fun together.

The Hora. The jewish wedding tradition where the bride and grooms family lift the couple up on chairs and everyone dances around them. It was pretty fun but then it kind of made Jen, the bride sick, so we had to put them down. :)

We all had a great time dancing at the reception! Even Caleb danced! :)
Next post: The road trip begins; LA to Calabasas.