Monday, August 31, 2009


Wow! So I literally feel like it was last week that I made a new post! Apparently its almost been a month! I'm terrible at this blog thing!
Things here have been great! Jonny and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the same day that we closed on our home! Will post pics very soon! Here are some pics to keep you entertained until I find time to upload pics from this weekend and our new home! until then, we (here in Kansas) will keep enjoying the 60 degree weather!

This is my mother cover from head to tow (minus her face) about to go out and kill our bee's nests. One thing I learned is that the nest in the ground... who knew? Go Mom Go!
My sister and I with our wonderful Dad

You'd never think we were related would you...? haha NOT!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some interesting times

Its been a while! My apologies...I know you all have been dying to hear from us! Well let me just start off with saying the last two weeks have brought some interesting times! But, God is so faithful and we are encouraged by the everyday!

Lets start off with Hallmark. As most of you know, my Dad lost his job with Hallmark after 25 years. Like I have said to many people, there is nothing anyone can do or say to make loosing a job any easier. However, God is ALWAYS good! I honestly have never seen my Dad look so happy in my entire life! i think its tough on anyone to go to a job everyday just for the paycheck- its not time for him to move on to newer and better things and finally persue his passions without feeling like he needs to support me or my sister. And as I've told most, i think the most difficult thing for our family during this time is that hallmark, to us, was more than just a job for Dad or a monthly paycheck. it was a way of life. Having the Hallmark headquarters in KC and a parents who works there allows the family to truly be a part of something special in Kansas City. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to experience so many things through Hallmark, and I am grateful for the many memories!
Dad gave a very heartfelt speech at his "retirement party"

So the night after dad's forced "retirement party" we went to, none other, than BB's Bar-b-que- and dang was it good.

Bobbi Smith himself came up and serrenaded my beautiful mother!

My wonderful parents and our good friends and old neighbors. We celebrated all night long... okay maybe just til midnight. :)

And when it all is said and done we always have our beloved dogs to come home to- the dogs who think its okay to eat bumble bees and sleep in my bed!