Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pismo Beach to Sequoia National Park!

Before we headed east to Sequoia National Park, We drove North to Morro Bay, CA for lunch. Enjoy the pics!

We drove through the campus of Cal Poly- of course we had to get a pic of Jonny in front of the engineering school. :)
In Morro Bay where we ate lunch- there was a fishing boat named Nadine. Love you Granny!
I wanted to go sea fishing really bad-it looked like fun. But, it probably would have made me sea sick ;)

This was one of our favorite meals of the trip. Fish n chips, and local Californian beer. yum.

I loved this dog. His owner had three dogs just like him and you could tell they were so protective of her. This was him waiting her to come back with her food. I love doggies!

In front of the big rock that Morro Bay is famous for.

Five hours later we finally made it to Sequoia National Park. We got there in the evening and only had time for a small hike down to the river. It was beautiful and we enjoyed the tranquility very much. There was a sweet family at the bottom of the river fishing who were kind enough to offer to take our picture.

Entrance to the park.
At the gateway restaurant sitting over the river. It was absolutely beautiful. We ate a steak for my Dad because it was his birthday that day :)

On our way back to the bed and breakfast we caught the sunset. Jonny and I had competions to see who could take the best pictures of things. The above picture I took. He took the picture below. Let us know what you think. :) There both pretty good.
Man, God sure is creative.
NEXT POST: Sequoia National Park to San Antonio, TX!

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  1. I must say I like the tall gross shooting up in the orange part of the sunset. Adds some dimension. I may be biased:)Also, LOVE the pic of that cute dog waiting so patiently!! All are great pics. What a great trip!