Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arizona Trip: Part I

My trip to Arizona with my mom and sister was amazing and MUCH needed. Our time together could not have been more perfect. The three of us were pretty much attached by the hip the whole time.

We arrived Saturday morning. Jen all the way from Charlotte, NC and me and mom from KC. We shopped all day Sunday (pics to come later!). BUT! Monday morning we woke up early and journeyed north to see the Grand Canyon.

And boy was it Grand.

Let me start off by saying that our journey was 4 hours. Each way. In a 12 passenger van. Passengers from India, New Jersey, Ohio, and London. Yea. Oh and our seats were in the caboose, which could be fun...if you weren't about to wet your pants. Since I knew we were going to be climbing significant altitude that day I thought it would be a good idea to drink lots of water.
I'm not sure which is worse: about to wet your pants in the back of a 12 passenger van, or suffering altitude sickness.
I'm gonna go with wetting your pants.

This is a picture of my mama giving me lots of lovin' and kisses. She felt bad for me because I had to go potty really bad. I may be 24 years old, but I still need lovin' from my mama. :) *Note* By potty, I mean bathroom. Sorry we're starting to "potty" train Caleb.

We finally made it! Our first stop at the Grand Canyon. It really is....I mean I can't really say, it leaves you speechless. Here you can see the Colorado river in the upper right hand corner.

Me and mom went climbing. ;)

I think our tour guide liked taking pictures of us. Not in a creepy way. He just liked us. Cause we're cool.
Mom was being crazy. Jen and I turned our backs for one second...and there she goes, running off down the canyon.
Mama with her girls. I'm not sure how she survived raising the two of us, but she did. Bless her.

Our group. It really was quite fun getting to know everyone. Especially the couple from India on the left and Chavivia from London, on the right. Oh and don't forget Marie and Johannah from Jersey! Jason and Jen from Ohio...they were just weird.

I know. I'm so artsy. Don't worry about it.

I want to be this girls best friend. Chavivia, from London. I got to talk with her a lot when we walked along the canyon. She counsels drug addicts (in London). Her Dad's a rabbi. She's seen the queen. She eats kosher. She's cool.

So. Purdy.
Stay tuned. More travel pics to come!

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