Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oh. My. So, one of my latest projects around the house has been sorting through boxes filled with Jonathan's childhood. Allow me to explain. Almost 1 year ago, his parents moved...and with that move we inherited ALL (and I mean ALL) of his "precious belongings".

That being said, several months ago I organized our basement because you could barely walk through it without running into some box that we had yet to unpack since moving in after our wedding. I made a whole wall (A WHOLE WALL FOLKS) devoted to these boxes of his things. He said he would go through them and narrow down what he wanted to keep and the rest we would trash, a HUGE step for someone who is a pack rat. :)

However, I decided I'd make it easier on him-I'd sort through his things, organizing in various "piles"-making it easier for him to sort through. I love organizing, you see...and I'm good at it.

So today I was sorting through what I assume was a box from his middle school days. I found a poem he wrote (and with his permission) I just HAD to share. He asked if it would embarrass him, of course I answered no, but we'll see. :)

I remember writing one of these poems myself (although I guarantee you it's not nearly as precious or awesome). It's one of those poems where you start with your first name, in between you write things about yourself, and end it with your last name. Ringing any bells? There's probably a name for this particular type of poem, but I don't recall things like that.

In parentheses I'm going to guess who or what he's talking about. :) Humor me.



With chestnut eyes that wonder far and wide, and stands high with his towering friends. (Ben, Darren?)

Curious with a mind that can never be satisfied, sensitive with a heart that can never be tamed, humorous with a personality that can entertain a crowd or hide in the midst of others.

Brother of computer genius (Paul?), Champion runner (Isaac?), and annoyingly filled with excitement (HAHAHAHAHA! Phil?)

Son of master craftsman and divine care (I started tearing up here...)

Who loves to run with endurance, talking on the Internet with friends (aka girlfriends, I'm sure), and scrumptious food (what kid uses the word scrumptious?!)

Who fears loneliness without a friend to confide in, past events that remind him of sad moments, and imperfection that drives his mind wild. (His mother told me once she use to have to tell him to STOP doing his homework....I KNOW, right?)

Who needs a friend to listen, a good laugh, and a Bible to read.

Who wants to be liked, to set an example to many, and to get straight A's. (I confirm, all the papers I've seen so far, all A''s sickening I tell you.)

Who remembers long car rides to Colorado, and a life changing missions trip in Guatemala.

Who believes life can be great as long as you make the most of it.

Crabtree Are you crying with tears of joy at this preciousness yet?!

If are some pictures to help.

Oh, man. I can't handle it. Don't you just want to squuueeezzzze him and pinch all his chubby baby fat rolls?! I know I do.

Cutest. Kid. Ever. (besides me...of course.) ;)

Little did he know that the next time he'd catch a fish...would be with his wife. :) (years later, clearly)

I'm sorry, babe. I had to. :) You pulled off the "awkward stage" fairly well.

I laugh every. time. I see this picture. He's either thinking (and pardon my french folks) a: "ugh...why are you taking my picture?" or b: "Oh yea...check me out, I'm a hard ass."

Not gonna lie. One of the reasons I married this guy is because he's an eagle scout. Not only that! But, he's a fire builder. Whatever that means, but I know you to do some cuuurrraaazzzyyy shiz to get the honor. Bad. To. The. Bone. (As my father would say)

Plus, he puts that other kid TO SHAME with his muscles.

One of my favorite pictures. Jonny with his brother, Phil, and their Dad at the top of Philmont. Only crazy cool people do stuff like that.

Dangy. Pangy.

Those are some toned muscles you got there, darlin'.

Welp, I hope you've enjoyed this time with me...taking a look into how precious my husband was when he was a wee little man. Not gonna lie...I snagged me a good one!

Happy Hump Day!



PS- We just booked a cruise. It leaves in a month. No big deal.


  1. Haha love this! The poem is great and love the rollerblade photo! Pretty sure my husband has some similar pics.

    And yay for the cruise!!!