Friday, February 19, 2010


Jonathan had the opportunity recently to go to Florida for a project of his he had been working on at work. Not only was it cool that he got to go to Florida, but he got to take me too! We're setting the standard very high for future business trips...:) It was great just to get away and rest. I literally did nothingwhile he was at the power plant and it was awesome! But, I've come to the realization that I need to get better at taking pictures! So I'm sorry there are only a few! Enjoy!

At a beach off of Port St. Lucie, it was sunny but cool and windy. :( We were still happy to see the sunshine! (and be outside for more than 5 seconds!)

Jonny and (I) were bored at this museum that we paid for and it ended up being under construction, so he built this BU out of lego things in the gift shop. :) He loves his bears!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Home as of Lately...

Things have been quite busy around the Crabtree house lately. No one tells you how much there is to do after you first get married! But, we are having so much fun just being together! Here are a few pics of things we've been up to lately! Starting with the most recent! ENJOY!

Just in time for the super bowl...Welcome our new TV! We got a really great deal on it and are excited to enjoy the tube in clear picture! :) Also introducing, our new couches and TV stand if you haven't seen them yet! I'm looking for different pillows, so let me know if you have any suggestions!
I woke up to this on the kitchen table the other morning. Jonny may be an engineer but he's still creative! He let me sleep in one morning because I haven't been sleeping well because of this silly pain in my side-hopefully we'll figure out what it is very soon. But this sweet note made me feel much better!

Jonny, with the help of Lila setting up our new grill!!! Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lisa gave this to us as a wedding present! Due to the emense amount of snow that we've gotten we haven't had a chance to put it together, until now! Jonny just grilled brauts on it last night for the super bowel, it was DELISH!!! Thanks Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lisa!!!

So we got a Cheddars in KC! Jonny and I thought it would be a great idea to eat there one night, little did we know we had an overflow of emotions from all our many college memories spent at the beloved resteraunt. Little did we know we would leave sad. Pretty sure I cried (happy/sad tears) on 3 sepereate occasions. Cheers to Sangria Margaritas and Shiner Bock.

My birthday, over a month ago-but still important, right?

This is my bff, Alli. I love her very much. She came ove for my bday-just got off work, hints her bright blue sexy apparel. :)