Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is for Carole :)

Well, it has been a while, huh?! Jonny and I are settling in to our new home and realizing being homeowners comes with the good and bad. From bug problems to crummy plumbing we still feel so blessed to be where we are! This week/weekend we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with the Stewarts and the Crabtree's. We are so excited to be with friends and family. Post pictures soon...I promise!

Much LOVE!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Warm House

Ben came to visit and see our new home!
signing the mortgage! Exciting and scary all at the same time!

All I wanted for graduation were some wooden carved bears...and that's what I got! SIC'EM!!

This is my bff Alli...shes pretty awesome.. and she LOVES ripping up contact paper! So if you need her call her! :)

Our house warming gift from Jonny's Bro and sister-in-law, Isaac and Steph. They took this picture of Lila at Jonnys bday in my parents backyard... isn't it hillarious?!!

I guess the Crabtree's are good for something... ripping up wallpaper in our guest bedroom!

Hangin' out in the kitchen with the Meg, Justin, Al and Mom

Jonny and I had a busy week last week! Not only did we close on our house but, I got to try on my wedding dress for the first time and take bridal portraits in Loose Park (which is the park that Jonathan proposed!) It was a very special time for both of us and we were thankful to share it with our family and friends! What would we do without you all?! I'm afraid I can't sneak pics of my bridal portraits but I can share with you some pics from our house! ENJOY!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Wow! So I literally feel like it was last week that I made a new post! Apparently its almost been a month! I'm terrible at this blog thing!
Things here have been great! Jonny and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the same day that we closed on our home! Will post pics very soon! Here are some pics to keep you entertained until I find time to upload pics from this weekend and our new home! until then, we (here in Kansas) will keep enjoying the 60 degree weather!

This is my mother cover from head to tow (minus her face) about to go out and kill our bee's nests. One thing I learned is that the nest in the ground... who knew? Go Mom Go!
My sister and I with our wonderful Dad

You'd never think we were related would you...? haha NOT!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some interesting times

Its been a while! My apologies...I know you all have been dying to hear from us! Well let me just start off with saying the last two weeks have brought some interesting times! But, God is so faithful and we are encouraged by the everyday!

Lets start off with Hallmark. As most of you know, my Dad lost his job with Hallmark after 25 years. Like I have said to many people, there is nothing anyone can do or say to make loosing a job any easier. However, God is ALWAYS good! I honestly have never seen my Dad look so happy in my entire life! i think its tough on anyone to go to a job everyday just for the paycheck- its not time for him to move on to newer and better things and finally persue his passions without feeling like he needs to support me or my sister. And as I've told most, i think the most difficult thing for our family during this time is that hallmark, to us, was more than just a job for Dad or a monthly paycheck. it was a way of life. Having the Hallmark headquarters in KC and a parents who works there allows the family to truly be a part of something special in Kansas City. I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to experience so many things through Hallmark, and I am grateful for the many memories!
Dad gave a very heartfelt speech at his "retirement party"

So the night after dad's forced "retirement party" we went to, none other, than BB's Bar-b-que- and dang was it good.

Bobbi Smith himself came up and serrenaded my beautiful mother!

My wonderful parents and our good friends and old neighbors. We celebrated all night long... okay maybe just til midnight. :)

And when it all is said and done we always have our beloved dogs to come home to- the dogs who think its okay to eat bumble bees and sleep in my bed!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I miss

Grandma Honey
SADIE the saturn!!!

My sister 1,000's of miles away

Wearing fleeces to Baylor football games because it was cold and a whopping 60 degrees... :) God bless Texas

crazy roommates :)

BJ's and random trips to cooler towns than Waco

Baylor football with my best friends

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas- Refresh our SOUL!

This weekend Jonny and I took a little jaunt down to Dallas to surprise a dear friend of ours (I'll refer to him as TCoop) on his birthday. Thanks to his lovely girlfriend, Lindsay and our wonderful friends- the surprise was a success!

The gang outside of BJ's after stuffing ourselves! SOOO good!

Bec, Linds, and I after go carts- I may have looked like a grandma driving but it was fun.... i think?

TCoop, Jonny, Geef, and Kimmel after go carts- they had way too much fun :)

On our way out of the park, TCoop and Kimmel decided to drop (free falling, might I add) from this mightifully engineered masterpiece.Getting all hooked in- Kimmel is looking a little destressed. Possibly asking himself "what the heck am I doing?"

Oh how we have missed Mexican Food!Geef and AjGreat Friends- Kimmel, Al, and Geef! It was so great to see you Al, I'm glad you were able to join us!TCoop being serrenaded for his birthday! "How many engineers does it take to figure out how to split a bill?" -Lindsay

We had such a wonderful trip! Thanks to all our friends and their families who hosted us while we were visiting! We miss you guys so much and can't wait to see you again soon! October is SO close!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When did the Fourth of July get SO complicated?

This weekend My parents, Jonny and I went to Eldon. We were all looking forward to a relaxing little jaunt across the tracks to spend with family and celebrate this wonderful country we love. However, that did not end up being the case.

The weekend was full of crazy kids, fireworks, rain. firework fearing kids, people i didn't know (because i was under the impression that it was a family gathering, and i'm pretty sure i know who is in my family), more kids, more rain marriage advice left and right (which is appreciated but sometimes overwhelming, food, drinks, more kids, rain, and family drama. Needless to say I really missed not being at Tablerock Lake, it just doesn't seem to be the fourth without it.

Jonny and I hangin' out by Uncle Danny's pool- this must have been when it was raining because there isn't a child in sight, but I promise they were there.

Mom, Dad and Jonny watching the fireworks under the pavilion. No joke, Lucy(the white with black spots english setter) is howling. Lila (we call her the human dog) handled it like a champ.
watchin the show
This is my cousin John. And unfortunatly this picture didn't turn out so well. John is responsible for the fireworks spectacular that my family watches every year. and no joke you would think it was professional. this is him with his blow torches that he uses to light the fireworks. My parents thought it was hillarious and made me take the picture so that Jen could see it. Well, Jen- I hope it was worth the awkwardness.

Lila loves her tennis ball so much that she sleeps with it.

Kansas storms- how I love them so. Taken from our front porch.

Dad and Jonny takin the wrangler "muddin". Not really but that would be sweet.

Friday, July 3, 2009


The Master Bedroom. We're going to have to do something about that red.... we were thinking a mauve green color...
The guest bedroom. We'll probably just keep it like this!! :) Actually the color we like is called "kissed by Kate" by Olympia. its a super pale almost white blue color. the room is 10x10 think we could fit a full size bed in there?

The study. We actually like the color in here... but we will eventually probably paint it a goldy color.

The living room... still haven't decided what to do about the color in here...we have some mauve browns picked out... suggests welcome!
This is Chris, our inspector. He was AWESOME! and very helpful. Luckily there was nothing major with our new home! This is the dining area right off the kitchen. I love the windows and the door! (not to mention there is modern day doggy door just to the right of the back doors.) :)

I accidentally put this picture in twice and can't figure out how to get rid of it!

This is part of the basement. Jonny was being silly. One day we will finish the basement... and it will be awesome.

This is my new friend. He was too big for the small little cage they shoved him in... but he was really sweet and very quiet. We didn't even know he was there til the third time we went in the basement! Now, that is a good dog!

Other end of the basement. Dad talking to our realtor, Ron. Not to be confused with Ron who showed us the house on Saturday. They are partners and best buds and will both tell you, "Ron is almost as good at selling houses as I am". They are dolls.

I was dumb enough to not take a picture of the front of the house, but I got a picture of the back of it! :) Great deck, can't wait to grill out and have friends over

The yard is the best part, but it will also take a lot of work! If you can see we have a mini stream running through the back of our yard. Hopefully we can work on the aesthetic appearance here soon, but that's the least of our worries right now. PS-notice the fence! ALSO..... great for a dog. :)
We are so excited about our new home and feel very blessed that the Lord has provided for us in so many way and given us the ability to purchase a home! Praise the Lord! Know that you are welcome anytime! We love company! (actually, I don't know if we like company yet-because we've never lived together, but I'm assuming we will like company) :) Also any decorating tips or advice are welcome! We will need all the help we can get! Any donations- old rakes, garden tools etc we'll take'em! Don't throw'em away! :)