Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arizona Trip: Part II

What do you say we wrap up our trip to Arizona, shall we? *~*WARNING~*~Lot's of pics ahead! Filled with shopping, beautiful scenery, ladies hangin' out poolside, and cacti. Or is it cactususes. cactisuses? oh. ok. cactisuses. Let's start at the beginning. Here we are! Together at last. This makes me smile. We are feeling beautiful, well rested, nourished, and not greasy or gross from traveling all morning. As soon as we checked in to the hotel we slapped on our bikinis and headed for the pool. And snapped a pic with Mr. Cactus of course. FACT: Did you know that cacti live a long time? Yup, they do. When they are about 70 years old they start growing their branches (see above). So...pretty much, that's a super old cactus. Day 1: READY FOR SHOPPING! Two ladies ready to shop til' they drop. Mom's on the phone with Dad; meanwhile, I'm morphing into a whale, shooting water out of my head. You didn't know I was a whale, did you? It's true. Starbucks oatmeal. Yuummm. Fuel for shopping. Done. Guess what kind of restaurant this is. You guessed it! A burger joint. Wait, WHAAA?? But it's so puurrddy! Meet Pablo. Pablo and his brother's, Pancho and Paco, delivered drinks to us by the pool; as well as accompanied us to the restroom. Thanks, guys...!? Yea. Weird.

Hi love! Do you want to come live in Kansas? You do?! OK.


I'd say so.

View outside our hotel

Not to shabby, ehh?!

Day 2: Grand Canyon

*I know I had a post devoted to this day, but here are a few pics my sister captured with her camera. Thanks sis!

Outside the Indian, excuse me, Native American, reservation trading post where we at lunch. We got to do some shopping, (cha-ching!) as well as learn about Native American culture. (boorrriiingg) Just kidding. It was actually very interesting. I only wish Jonny would have been there to remember all the details! He's good at stuff like that.

Oh!! Bless her heart! This is Kanika. Actually. It's not Kanika. I went to babynames.com and picked out a random Indian name that sounded good. I picked Kanika. We never actually figured out what her sweet soul's name is. BUT! She. was. precious.

She wanted to take a picture with me and Jen because she never had daughters (only boys) plus, she thought we were awesome. (I mean, who doesn't?) Now, the story of how we actually figured out why and with whom she wanted to take a picture with is for a completely different blog post. :)

Day 3: Ssspppaahhh Day

Note: You have to use fancy words and draw out your "s's" when you're talking about the sssspa.

Momsiesss and me outside Ssspa Lamar. Yesss, darling...it was quite a lovely, rejuuuuventating experienc(sss)e.
Post facialsss, lounging in the whirlpool, sssipping our herbal tea.

Enough. of. that.

Let's go to where the real party's at!


All afternoon. Done.

Love. it.

Some lame lady watching us take this pic told us to take our hats off. Psshhh. News flash; lady in the pool, who wasn't asked to share her opinion...hats make the pic way cuter.

Pina-colada's? by the pool? Yes, please!

Ready to go out for dinner for our last night!

Not before we do some more shopping!!!

If any of you feel like getting me a $70 hat anytime soon, I think this one is real cute. Anthropologie. Thanks! ;)

This one is for your Dad! Outside Los Olivos Mexican Cantina.

It's a donky.

Dad loves donkies.

When you ask him why he loves donkies so much, he will tell you, "because nobody else loves donkies and they're lonely, because nobody loves them."

That is precious.

Welp! That's all I got.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!



PS- Thanks to all of you who have kept me in your prayers over my interview that I had yesterday. They were felt! I appreciate your thoughts and prayers very much! The interview went well. It was long and intense, but I'm glad it's over. I am still feeling like this is God's calling for my life, so for now...we wait. I should know if I am accepted soon after April 15th.

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