Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fly Fishing and other Adventures...

This past weekend Jonny and I enjoyed a nice little getaway with my parents to Rockbridge Trout and Game Resort.

Rockbridge is a very special place because it's where my dad would take me every year for our annual fishing trip. Now that I'm married, I get to share this special place with Jonny!

Yes...please check out my 11 year old hotness below.

Besides the fact that I was sick half the time, and my parent's little puppy got a trouble hook stuck in her paw...we had a great time and caught lots of fish!
The only thing we were missing was Jenny and Brant!

LADY GIRL!!! What are you doing up there?!!

Of course,like everything he tries, Jonny is quite the pro when it comes to fly fishing. Don't worry I'm not jealous or anything. ;)

Mama caught lots of fish, too...BIG and small. ;)

Lady made friends with the butterflies...

I had my fair share of catches, as well. Of course, despite what some of my in-law's believe, I'm not only a "girly girl"...I can get dirty, too.

And yes...I take MY OWN hooks out of my fish.

Lila bear wasn't so sure how she felt about those fishies...

Enjoying a relaxing evening after a day full of fishing.

These pictures were taken pre lady girl stepping on a fish hook and getting it stuck in the pad of her paw. poor lady...:( I wish I had pictures to prove, but they're on my Dad's camera.

Last night at Rockbridge!

Bye-Bye Rockbridge! See you next year!


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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!!! I used to love fishing when I was little, too. Now I'm too ADD to sit and wait. lol Can't wait to hang out with you guys next week!!