Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Birthday Boy

My husband turned 25 this weekend! It's a big deal, you know...because NOOOWWW we can finally rent a car without having to be penalize for being "young". Woohoo! Thanks, babe, for turning 25! :)

All kidding aside, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating Jonathan David's day of birth. Jonny's parents were so kind and gracious to let us use their lake property. We had friends join us on Saturday for some fun in the sun; filled with water sports, food, cute dogs wearing life jackets, more food, and LOTS of country music. It was heavenly. Here are some pictures of the memorable weekend.

Warning: I love taking pictures of my husband. Especially when he does cool things, like wake-boarding. Especially when my brother-in-law let me use his SWEET camera. Especially since I think he's hot.

Go Jonny, Go! Go!

(Not to be confused with "Go Dogs, Go!", although I highly recommend that book)


(Water splashing)

Jonny helping Josh get into the wake board. This was only Josh's second or third time wake-boarding, he did great!

There he goes! Hi Josh!


Ben. The Master Flag Man.


Oh. Hey, Phil!

Photo compliments of Benjamin Lutz

Sweet Kayla and me. We're trying to work on our tans, but as you can probably tell-we're about as white as they come.

There goes Phil!


(More water splashing)


I've seen this look before.

I've seen this look on my father-in-law's face.

I've seen this look in the faces of my brothers-in-law.

And I see this look in the face of my husband.

This look is focused, deliberate, determined and intentional.

Most of all...this look means SUUUUURRRIOUS BIZZNASS.

Excuse me, I mean...Serious Business.

And the situation above is serious business because....

Jonny thinks Phil has been using Rogain for chest hair.

But he's not.

Phil says it's all natural.

"Excuse me, guys?! I'm getting a little warm here. Let's stop talking about chest hair and go for a swim, shall we?"

Lila...you ARE a bad bear.


This girl has never water-skied or wake-boarded in her LIFE!

She popped right up on her first try!

Way to go Kayla!

More pictures of Jonny, because you secretly love looking at his muscles, too.


You're welcome.


We discovered Lila REALLY likes watermelon.

Just like her Daddy. HA!

Ben REALLY likes watermelon, as well.

And...Because I wish she was my child, and possibly might treat her like one.

And... because these two thought it would be a good idea to go tubing shortly after dinner.

Hey, it's their stomach, not mine.

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

You are loved by all those who know you.

You are my best friend and the most incredible husband.

You are loyal and intentional to those who call you friend.

You are ALWAYS there when someone calls on you for help; and you answer with energy and determination.
You are my stronghold, and encourage me when I think things are impossible.

You are honest and sincere.

You are compassionate to those in need.

You bless those who know you on a daily basis!

I love you always,

Happy Birthday!



  1. He does look older and more distinguished...I think it's the facial hair.

  2. You two are so cute! Yay 25!!!