Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update: Garden Project

Woohoo! Aren't you excited about another garden post? I know I am! Last weekend we worked our little buns off in our yard. Whew! It's a lot of work! Especially since our yard (mainly our backyard) is pretty much a forest. We live in an older neighborhood; so all the landscaping and trees are really grown up; which is great for the fall- not so much the other seasons. ;) Now I know why Jonny would come in from mowing the lawn during our first summer and say something like, " Ugh. We live in a forest!" or "Guess how many snakes I saw today?" or " I hate weeds!" :) Love you honey! Saturday I worked in the yard/painted our fireplace screen (pics of that to come!) while Jonny got to go target shooting at the range with his Dad and the boy he mentors, Delshawn. ( Delsean? Delshun?) He was a very polite young man, I'm so glad we finally got the chance to meet him! Sunday after church we ran errands and built our raised garden bed! It turned out wonderfully! I'm so glad I'm married to someone who can build things and is good with numbers, because I. Am. Not. I mainly played in the dirt while Jonny worked, but I did help some! ;) The mastermind behind the creation. Look at him. Safety goggles and all. He's so cute! SAFETY FIRST! I'm sure he would appreciate me explaining that he was using a circular saw, (at least I think that's what it's called) so there was dust and debris flying this way and that. Lila was definitely the most help of all. Thuuurrr she is!! Isn't she a beaut? Just wait til there is stuff sprouting up. I can't wait.

And then the sun set on the Kansas horizon. Lovely.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!



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