Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Very TEXAS Wedding! (YEEHAWW!)

One of my dear, dear friends- Emily Stamper got married a few weekends ago. It was a beautiful Texas wedding outside of San Antonio. We had so much fun catching up with our amazing friends and celebrating in the joyeous marriage of Emily and Andrew.

I have to embarass Em for a sec. You see, Em and I lived in the same house junior year. She went through this phase where she would literally watch Pride and Predjudice on repeat. FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT! It was so precious though, her eyes lit up everytime she watched it and you could tell she adored the love story. Want to know what's more awesome? Her eye light up EVEN MORE every time she sees her groom. They have a beautiful relationship and love story. I love them both very much! CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!

Em with her Mama and the flower girl Finley at the rehearsal.

Good friends at the rehearsal dinner in Boerne.

She was a GORGEOUS bride! Andrew is one LUCKY man!
The Bridal Party in our cowboy boots and all!

The "cool" table. haha! We had so much fun!

Cutting the cake. Andrew, Emily got you GOOD, man!

Ahhh, yes. Reliving precious memories-throwing the frisbee outside Rogers Engineering Building at Baylor.

So on the 4th of July we spent the day in the car. Yea, it was totally awesome, and rainy and gloomy-the complete oppostie of how I feel about being an American. We drove through Edmond, OK and dropped Alli off at her Papa's house, which is BEAUTIFUL btw...

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