Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sequoia Natl. Park to San Antonio!

Wednesday morning we woke up to one of the best breakfasts I've ever had in my entire life. We really enjoyed our stay at www.wickyup.com Monica nad Jack are wonderful people and we wish we could have chatted with them longer! Monica made us a delicious breakfast full of fresh fruit parfaits, zuccini bread, fresh orange juice, and berry berry pancakes. YUM!
I beautiful tablescape. I would love to own my own b&b some day...I love stuff like this!
Outside their beautiful home in Lakewood, CA.

Driving through Sequoia Natl. Park. Had to take a pic of the mountains with Jon's bear club sign in the background. :) SIC EM BEARS!!!!

So we exceeded the speed limit, almost ran out of gas in the mountains, and ran through the national forest just to see the sequoia trees Jonny kept talking about....well, it was totally worth it. Check out how big these guys are, and these aren't even the biggest ones!

God is so creative!!!!
After all the rushing and running through the park (we had a flight to catch at LAX) we discovered our flight to San Antonio (connecting in vegas) was cancelled. :( But, don't worry- we eventually made it to SA the next day. :)
NEXT POST: Pics of Emily and Andrews Wedding!!!!!

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