Monday, July 19, 2010

Calabasas to Pismo Beach

Continuing our trip up the coast- we will now head from Calabasas to Pismo beach. GORGEOUS drive. My favorite part was all the country side (as well as the ocean). I never realized how much produce California harvests!

Enjoy the pics.

PS- Sorry the pictures are was a really overcast day.

Fishermen on the pier at Pismo Beach with all the hotels and homes on the hillside.

Looking North up the bay. We were talking to a Californian and he said that bay up ahead where there is always sunny, yet everything else around it is cloudy-how crazy is that?!

On Pismo Beach

I love this picture. I wrote "Crab" and Jonny wrote "Tree". I think I'm going to print this on a canvas and hang it in our living room.

Crazy birdy...are you hungry?!!!

On the way up the coast we just had to stop at a winery. (It would be a trip to California if we didn't). This little vinyard, Costa de Oro (meaning golden coast in spanish) was quaint and lovely. We really enjoyed talking with the wine taster and met a couple from Toronto.

I made Jonny stop at this beach on our way to PB to watch the surfers....and then.....WE SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!!!! and then.....OUR CAMERA DIED!!! yea it was awesome, I'm not kidding.

NEXT POST: Pismo Beach to Sequoia National Park!

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  1. I love the CrabTree sand art too!! Can't wait to see this in your newly painted living room!:)