Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Eve at Granny's house. Two special people are missing from this photo. We missed them very much!
Christmas evening at my parents house. Very relaxing and quaint.
Christmas morning at the Crabtree's with Steph, Jo Anna, and Kaleigh. Steph is due any day now and Jonathan and I are so excited for our new nephew to arrive!

Christmas Eve tradition. Hot dogs and ice cream and central dairy in Jefferson Missouri. We sure did miss Jenny and Brant. :(

Our first Christmas. Jonny is so creative with his wrapping. :)
Our home decoarted for Christmas. I had so much fun decorating and mom helped me (especially with making big bows for our wreaths outside).

This is what Jonathan and I got to come home to the day after Christmas. And, guess what. All the snow is still there and then some! We love the newness of snow, we missed it a lot-but, it sure is a lot of work! I must say, our home is quite cute. :)

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  1. Yeah!!! I love seeing pictures and reading about happenings with Jonny and Katie. I love and miss you dearly!! Also, LOVE the haircut!