Monday, May 30, 2011

WOOO PIGGY!! Phil Graduated!!

HI FRIENDS!!!! I know, I's been awhile. And for that I am so sorry, because I know your days were not complete without hearing from me. :)

We've been up to a lot lately! I'll be catching you up on our lives here the next few days, as well as continuing to blog about...well, the usual random sshhtuff. (emphasis on the "shh")

BUT FIIIIIRRRSSSTTT!!! GUESS WHAT?!! Phil, (Jonny's younger brother) graduated from the University of Arkansas back in mid-May! Phil received his diploma from the mechanical engineering school and graduated with HONORS (seriously?! ALL four Crabtree men are brainiacs! It's kind of out of control.)

We are SO stinking proud of Phil and all he accomplished while at the U of A. We are stoked to see what the Lord has in store for him with this new chapter in his life, called (bum, bum, bummmmmm) "The REAL world"...and I'm not talking about that show on MTV. *~* Just kidding, Phil, it's really not that bad. ;) *~*~

Here are some pictures from the weekend, ALTHOUGH, I would like to preface there are no pictures from Friday night when Phil and his roommates hosted a party (scratch that word "party" and insert "craw fish boil") at their house with friends and family. SO FUN! Not going to lie, the craw fish creeped me out a little, but I did try a microscopic piece of the craw fish and I'm happy to say it wasn't nearly as terrible as shrimp. :)

I digress...

I mean...let's just sit here and ponder how precious ^this^ picture is.

I'm sure my mother-in-law would appreciate me explaining why she has her leg kick up like so. So I begin, Jonathan's parents met when they were in college at the U of A. While they were in school they both took classes in this building (an engineering building, pictured above). While in class, Jo Anna said she would walk the halls and pretend that she didn't know David..."playing hard to get" - if you will. Well, we all know Crabtree's love a challenge, and David won-because he snatched JoJo's heart and now they are living happily ever after. **Okay, so that's the condensed version, but tell me that's not adorable.**

One thing I love about the U of A is their sidewalk engraved with all the graduates names and class year. What a cool way to commemorate and honor all Arkansas Hogs! Pictured below are family members who have gone before Phil and graduated from the U of A.

Tom Edmiston, Jo Anna's Dad.

Jack Kizzia Crabtree. David's Dad. AKA Grand-Daddy.

Mary Flo McAllister. JoAnna's Mom. AKA Grandma Flo, or as I like to call her... G Flo. :)

Those were just a few names we found. :)


Phil is totally ready for the photo op. Connecting, here, with his inner GQ-ness.

Proud parents. :)

Want to hear something kind of cool? Jonny and I, both, seriously considered going to the U of A for college. Obviously, we didn't, because we met at Baylor. I think it's cool to see how the Lord had a plan for us to go to Baylor. Just a testament to the fact that God's plan is divine!

Mama JoJo with 2 out of her 3 girls. I am SO blessed to have her as my mother-in-law, and I'm not just saying that. It is a sigh of relief for me (and Jonny) that Jo Anna and I "click" and get along so well. She has one of the sweetest spirits of anyone I know.

Love. Them. Straight-up.

That is all.

I'm sorry, I lied, that is not all.

Don't you just want to SQUEEZE the two of them?!

I do. That's how cute I think they are.

That is all.


Yay! Now we have a good picture to replace the one on the wall where we all look silly in our winter gear.


for good measure...

because I didn't post a picture of them with Phil in his graduation robe.


Phil, you're welcome.

And now for a segment I like to call: "The Many Faces of Phil Sitting Through His College Graduation Ceremony"

And again, Phil, you're welcome.

"How long do I have to sit here?"

"I'm hungry"

"Excuse me, I'm feeling a little cramped for space, Thanks"

HOLY MOLEY! Phil has a twin. WEIRD! AND...creepy that we're photographing someone we don't even know. :D

Texting Kaleigh, I'm sure. That or reading twitter

"Oh, Hey guys!"

"Seriously, you guys, stop it. You're going to make me laugh. This is my college graduation...this is serious."

The End.

It's official! He's a graduate of the University of Arkansas!

The End.

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