Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A "Beautiful" Reminder

I was driving home from class last night and a song came on the radio. The song was "Beautiful" by Mercy Me. I love that song, have you heard it?

I love this song because it came out on the radio during a time in my life when I really needed to hear it.

I needed to hear that Christ had a purpose for my life and that his purpose for me was so much greater and beautiful than the things of this world.

I needed to hear that it was okay to feel dissatisfied, and that I was feeling dissatisfied because I hadn't yet figured out his purpose for my life.

I needed to hear that I was worthy and treasured, by Christ-because from the world's view-I didn't feel that way.

I needed to hear, that from the very beginning, Christ was mapping out a plan for my life.

I needed to be reassured and trust that I would find HIS plan for my life.

I needed to hear that Christ was by side every step of the way.

That is what this song did for me, I hope it can bless you in the same or similar ways.

"The days will come when you don't have the strength
When all you hear is you're not worth anything
Wondering if you ever could be loved
And if they truly saw your heart they'd see too much

You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are made so much more than all of this
You're beautiful
You're beautiful
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His
You're beautiful

I'm praying that you have the heart to find
Cause you are more than what is hurting you tonight
For all the lies you've held inside so long
And they are nothing in the shadow of the cross

Before you ever took a breath
Long before the world began
Of all the wonders He possessed
There was one more precious
Of all the earth and skies above
You're the one He madly loves
Enough to die

You're beautiful
You're beautiful
In His eyes"


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