Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jonny!

Today is my sweet husband's birthday! What a wonderful day! 24 years ago today he was born. His parents actually thought he was going to be a girl (back before technology could detect a fetus' gender). So they had planned to name him Karen. Hillarious, I know. Thus he was nameless for a few days while his parents tried to decide what to name him. I think Jonathan was an excellent choice and I'm sure glad he wasn't a girl. ;)

We were planning on going to Dave and JoJo's lake property up north but the weather has been anything but fitting for such an activity. :( This makes me sad because I know how much Jonny LOVES going to the lake and wakeboarding/skiing. They actually shut down the lake to everyone because the water is so high, so it must be pretty bad. However, he is doing another activity he loves (no not hanging out with me...) Hanging with his older brother Isaac playing disc golf.

Tonight we are having all the family and my parents over for dinner. We are going to grill. YUM! Shout out to Uncle Tommy and Aunt Lisa for our awesome grill! We use it all the time! (It's a great excuse for me to catch a break from cooking and have Jonny make dinner!) :)

Happy Birthday JONNY!!!

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