Thursday, June 10, 2010

*~*GASP~*~ OPIE'S!!!

So here's the deal. My Great grandfather started a dairy hauling business back in the early 19somethings. Long story short, my Uncle now owns the company and has turned it into a very successful family business. They don't haul dairy as much anymore due to new laws regarding the regulation and processing of dairy-so they haul things like corn syrup and other liquids, all over the country. Which leads me to Opie's truck sitings. It's quite an exciting thing. You see you could see them anywhere...and all the sudden...*~*~ GASP~*~*~THERE'S AN OPIE'S TRUCK!!!! I typically get in trouble for getting so excited and scaring the bajeezies out of Jonny, but its totally worth it. I've honked at the trucks, rolled down the window and literally hung out the window waving like a crazy person...there's no telling what I'll do when I spot one of these SUPER shiny beauts but one thing is for's fun. My sister's brother in law (yea you do that math) :) see's them often in Dallas with the company he works for and sent us some pics! Now I can look at them whenever I want. :)

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