Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lil Becky's Wedding!!

What a wonderful weekend! Becky and Lee got married July 24th in Dallas. It was a WONDERFUL celebration and I was so honored to be a part of their special day. I wouldn't have missed it for the WORLD. LITERALLY!

This girl has meant so much to me the past four years. I'd like to think we both came into each other's lives when we needed each other most. And the Lord has done amazing things through our friendship. I've have learned so much from Becky and she is truly the most loyal, selfless, and hilarious person you will EVER meet. I could always count on her for a good laugh, a sappy chick-flick (or simply an episode of the O.C) ;) and a good walk (or two) around the bear trail...ever after she had already ran 10 miles for the day. (This girl is a marathon runner). I am truly blessed to call her my friend and so excited for her! Enjoy pictures from this wonderful weekend!

Reunited! Becky, me, and Emily reunited in the hotel Thursday before the wedding. So excited for a girls night out on the town!

Me, Lindsey, Allison, and Emily. We all wore black and Becky wore a bright pink dress...just in case someone wondered who the bride was. ;)

The next morning we went to Frisco for Becky's Bridal Luncheon.

The maids with the Bride at her wonderful bridal luncheon. Such a wonderful tribute to Becky and the two most important women in her life; her mom and her sister.

The Bride and myself. After bawling my eyes out the first time. Isn't she gorgeous? I'm so stinkin' pumped for everything the Lord has in store for Becky and Lee.

At the rehearsal. It was so much fun! None of us had met Lee's friends before but they were great guys and we all had a lot of fun together.
Lee's groomsmen at the Rehearsal.
After I bawled for the second time. :) Emmy and I speaking about Becky at the rehearsal dinner.

Listening to everyone who spoke at the rehearsal. Very touching to hear their loved ones speak about them.

Showing off the AWESOME bridesmaid gift Becky got for all of us. Andrew thought he should show off how awesome his Baylor watch is too. :)

The three this point in the night...almost all married!
Becky with her bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.
In the bridal suit...just waiting for the wedding to begin! We had to get creative on how to take a picture of all of us. :)
All lined up and ready to get Becky and Lee married off!
Jonny and I at the rehearsal at the Park City Club. It was a BEAUTIFUL reception!

The Maid of Honor, Marion (Becky's sister) giving her toast at the reception. This is how Becky looks when someone is saying something nice about her and she's trying not to cry. Sorry Bec, I had to call it. ;)

They had a live band playing all sorts of great music. These three crazies had a little too much fun dancing. Jonny, Travis and my Dad.

Throwing the bouquet. Allison is ready to catch that sucker!
Best year of my with these five girls. I will NEVER forget all the memories we shared that year in the DeltaShelta.
My wonderful parents came down for the wedding. We had a lot of fun with them at the reception.

That's All Folks!

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  1. Great pics!!!! You look so pretty in ALL of them. Love you sis!