Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When did the Fourth of July get SO complicated?

This weekend My parents, Jonny and I went to Eldon. We were all looking forward to a relaxing little jaunt across the tracks to spend with family and celebrate this wonderful country we love. However, that did not end up being the case.

The weekend was full of crazy kids, fireworks, rain. firework fearing kids, people i didn't know (because i was under the impression that it was a family gathering, and i'm pretty sure i know who is in my family), more kids, more rain marriage advice left and right (which is appreciated but sometimes overwhelming, food, drinks, more kids, rain, and family drama. Needless to say I really missed not being at Tablerock Lake, it just doesn't seem to be the fourth without it.

Jonny and I hangin' out by Uncle Danny's pool- this must have been when it was raining because there isn't a child in sight, but I promise they were there.

Mom, Dad and Jonny watching the fireworks under the pavilion. No joke, Lucy(the white with black spots english setter) is howling. Lila (we call her the human dog) handled it like a champ.
watchin the show
This is my cousin John. And unfortunatly this picture didn't turn out so well. John is responsible for the fireworks spectacular that my family watches every year. and no joke you would think it was professional. this is him with his blow torches that he uses to light the fireworks. My parents thought it was hillarious and made me take the picture so that Jen could see it. Well, Jen- I hope it was worth the awkwardness.

Lila loves her tennis ball so much that she sleeps with it.

Kansas storms- how I love them so. Taken from our front porch.

Dad and Jonny takin the wrangler "muddin". Not really but that would be sweet.

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  1. I must say... the akwardness was worth it and I just got a great laugh! Love all the pics!!! I am sorry I missed all the "fun";) See you soon sista!